Team Work makes the dream work.

This team of innovative, collaborative and hard working individuals is the heart and soul behind the 220 MHz band and the Gazelle radio.


T. Wayne Irwin


Starting with a Naval background, Wayne is steeped in education and real world work experience building America's first rural telephone services. Wayne’s current investment is held in the 220 Spectrum demanded technology evolution. Wayne through his insight and expertise has invested into making AgileOne SoRad Technology a reality.

Wayne is owner of AgileOne and Agile Radio Management Inc. (ARMI)

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington


Kyle Stanton


Kyle is the founder and CEO of Titus Innovations Inc. and Neptune Mobile Devices Inc. He has a diverse background in Technical Business Management, Startups, and Systems Engineering.  Experience in highly regulated markets such as aerospace, medical device design and manufacture, military guidance and navigation systems as well as low bandwidth commercial telemedicine solutions.  Kyle is well versed in the understanding of communication networks as they correlate to user needs.

Kyle is the Chief Engineer and General Manager of AgileOne, as well as a Certified Agile Scrum Product Owner

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University | Masters in Global Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Business


Brad Gill


Brad has several years working in the military and aerospace markets. He has provided software solutions to some of the worlds most confidential and valuable efforts.  His resume includes software development and leadership for some of the worlds largest and most successful defense contractors including Boeing, Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, DRS and General Dynamics. Brad’s Software Defined Radio expertise has been leveraged by MIT Lincoln Labs, White Sands Missile Range and the Regan Missile Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll.  Brad is an expert in software and electrical interface development.  Being a master of hardware and software integration, Brad is a major contributor to our overall software and hardware architecture.

Education: BS in Computer Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University


Carlos Salcido


Carlos has excelled at companies like UPS and Intel Corp. where efficiency and execution matter for complex solutions and relationship management. In addition Carlos has worked at La Curacao based out of Los Angeles, CA.. Then Carlos returned to his home town of El Paso, TX and has worked for the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau for two years. Then Carlos went on to work for three different school districts; 2013-2014 for Ysleta Independent School District at Parkland Middle School, 2014-2015 for Socorro Independent School District at Montwood High School and 2015-2016 for Clint Independent School District at Ricardo Estrada Junior High. As of 2016 Carlos has been working under contract for Titus Innovations Inc.  as a motivated strategic solutions developer with vision, strategy, and the wherewithal to drive excellence. He is highly trusted by all his customers, peers, as well as his leadership staff. Carlos is a proven mission-driven individual, with strong collaboration skills and a deep desire to communicate nothing but results and partake in the sharing of ideas that impact cross functional teams and all stake holders involved. 

Education: BS in Communications from Arizona State Univerity

Certified: 4-8th Generalist & 7-12th Speech 





AgileOne is actively seeking customers, strategic partners and investors that are interested in building tomorrow’s spectrum-cognitive infrastructure.



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