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DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge


AgileOne offers a platform that can launch efforts based on DARPA Spectrum Challenge by simple MatLab import and LabVIEW integration onto an SDR with integrated amplifiers.

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Intel: A Guide to the Internet of Things


AgileOne SoRad Technology provides the flexibility required by IOT markets through the scalability they demand.

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The US Military offers $2M for wireless devices that can share the airwaves.


AgileOne SoRad Technology was based on the ultra narrow band Challenge of transmitting voice at 5kHz or less in the 220 - 222MHz band by meeting this challenge we have demonstrated current technology correctly tuned through software can be tailored to frequency sets that exist between currently allocated bandwitdth.

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DARPA kicks off $2M Grand Challenge focused on intelligently splitting up radio spectrum


AgileOne SoRad Technology offers the capability to meet with current and future spectrum allocation demands.

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