It takes a new technology to solve some of The Radio's oldest challenges. 


The AgileOne Gazelle offers the first generation of proprietary AgileOne SoRad Technology. 

SoRad Technology is the the next evolution in software defined radio (SDR), as we’ve gone steps further toprovide a thoroughly integrated, tiny yet a ruggedly flexible, all-in-one solution. Our entry point into the 220 - 222 MHz spectrum is just the beginning, with the added high performance across spectrums from 100 MHz to 3 GHz; all while maintaining a worthy price point. The Gazelle consists of a single module that includes the most powerfully dynamic digitally programmable RF circuitry available.



The Gazelle offers the following key features:

  • Xilinx Zynq-7000 family for high performance signal processing.
  • Dual embedded ARM Cortex A9 processors in Zynq core.
  • Highly integrated, wide frequency range ADI AD9361 Agile Transceiver
  • Avnet PicoZed SDR 2x2 SOM
  • Dual RF inputs and outputs allow for multiple antenna systems like MIMO and switched diversity operation 
  • USB 2.0 High Speed, 1 Gb Ethernet, SD Card slot
  • Library of target-agnostic C/C++ software, LabVIEW,  VHDL firmware, Synplify® DSP modules and support for direct MATLAB integration providing core functions for radio operations:
    • Modulation/demodulation (AM, ACSB, FSK, SSB, QAM, ODFM) - with programmability via SDK
    • Digital down/up conversion
    • Symbol timing recovery/tracking
    • Carrier recovery/tracking
    • Filters (FIR, IIR, multi-rate, adaptive)
    • Automatic gain control
    • Channel coding
    • Multichannel Tx/Rx capabilities
    • FEC (e.g., convolutional, Reed-Solomon, Spread spectrum coding)
    • Customizable MAC




How the Rest Stack Up.