Agile One Engineering Design Services

The AgileOne Development Team offers a variety of different engineering services based on customer needs. This team has experience developing and deploying solutions for the aerospace, defense, medical and consumer electronics markets.


Software Development 

  • AgileOne can take your debug utility code written in MATLAB, Simulink or LabVIEW and port it directly into an AgileOne Gazelle, or other platforms such as the ETTUS SDR that make use of the AD9361 chipset.
  • AgileOne can integrate your existing production code written in C, C++, or other languages and port them directly into an end solution.  
  • AgileOne can maximize the utility of the SOM onboard resources by leveraging the full potential of the Xilinx SOC. 
    • There are existing dedicated and customizable processing resources (second integrated ARM9 core, additional Softcore processors and DSP slices within the FPGA fabric), that can be leveraged to satisfy the most demanding of customer applications.
    • Years of training and experience leveraging these types of resources in integrated solutions for our clients.
    • Custom digital filter algorithm development for dynamic filtering applications.

Hardware Development 

  • AgileOne has several years of experience working with the AD9361 chipset and is comfortable working with the hardware across different processor and form factor sets.  
  • Whether the design is based on commercial off the shelf equipment or on custom architecture, the AgileOne embedded software team can provide design services to meet your customers needs.