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Since the advent of software definable radio technologies, certain developmental hurdles have persisted and often continue to present bottlenecks and even barriers to its widespread, mainstream adoption. Rapid prototyping efforts for software defined radio solutions, as with any maturing technology, have been hindered by the absence of tightly-integrated development tools and the diversity of domain -specific knowledge required to generate robust, functional, end-user friendly solutions. The AgileOne Gazelle family of SORAD products have cleared these hurdles: bringing together, into a single platform, a select group of best-in-class hardware components, a powerful and flexible software architecture, and the seasoned and proven integration experience required to seamlessly leverage the power of both.

With the Gazelle, AgileOne has demonstrated the ability to extend the capabilities of an integrated solution beyond the advertised limitations of the individual components alone. It is this level of performance optimization and integration, coupled with a visionary application programming interface, that allows users, system administrators, and custom software developers without specific domain-level experience to utilize nearly 50% of the system’s processing power for their own processing and interface requirements, often without having to recompile existing code.